Super Cute Valentine's Day Lunch Ideas

Feb 13, 2018

It could be one, it could be five, but no matter how many kiddos are running around your house, one thing’s for sure: you’re crazy about them! Make them feel extra special on Valentine’s Day with our ideas for fun lunchtime surprises that remind them just how special they are!

Say ILY With Love Bug Fruit Cups

A healthy fruit cup masquerading as an adorable love bug makes for a very sweet valentine messenger! Choose your kid’s favorite fruit cup (apple sauce and Jell-O work too), transform it with a few paper hearts, pipe cleaners, and your handy Sharpie, then pack it in their lunchbox. See how easy it is here.

Taco-Bout How Great They Are!

Don’t be afraid to get a little punny on Valentine’s Day! Fill up their lunchbox with tasty tacos, Mexican rice, and salsa (or make things easy and pick up a complete kid’s taco meal from Costa Vida). Tuck in a little note and feel free to taco-bout how much you love them! ;)

Hugs and Kisses

A lunchbox-ful of hugs and kisses ensures your kiddo feels your love even when you’re not there to tell them. It’s simple to create edible hugs and kisses: get creative with kitchen shears and cookie cutters to transform lunch meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruit into Xs and Os. Check out more here.

A-peeling Love Notes

Paper valentines are great, but how about surprising your little valentine with playful (and healthy!) messages they can eat? With the help of edible-ink food pens, you can cover bananas, apples, pears—any fruit!—with cute love notes or Valentine’s Day-worthy jokes. They’re a fun way to remind your love bug to have a sweet day! Get the details here.

A Heart-y Lunch

When nothing but hearts fill your kid’s lunchbox, there’s no mistaking you’re their number one valentine. Let a small heart cookie cutter loose on vegetables, fruit, deli meat, and bread, and before you know it, you have a lunch that says “I heart you!”. Get inspired here. Don’t forget heart-shaped gummy candy, heart sprinkles, and even heart-shaped pasta are heartfelt additions too.

How will you make Valentine’s Day lunch extra sweet for your kids?