Costa Vida Delivery - Just for you, Calgary!

Sep 16, 2019

The coast may be out of sight in Calgary, but at Costa Vida, it’s never out of mind or out of reach. Our 3 Calgary locations are perfect for satisfying any coastal craving. Whether you’re at home, out and about, or working in the downtown core, you can experience the freshest Mexican food guaranteed. Skip the Dishes and DoorDash are delivery options to bring the coastal vibes straight to you.

We have your lunch plans covered.

Breakfast may be known as the ‘most important meal of the day’, but lunch is just as important! Eating a midday meal can re-energize you, reset your focus, and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Calgary’s downtown core is a high traffic area, but you can still shake up your work week lunches with Costa Vida delivery options right to your office door from the comfort of your mobile devices. Skip the Dishes and DoorDash allow you to see exactly when your order will arrive, which makes it easy when planning your lunch break during busy schedules! Our meals are versatile to suit your schedule and hunger levels! Studies show even eating a small meal during the afternoon is enough to keep your mind and body running smoothly until the work day is done. Costa Vida’s menu is simple and food can be ordered in a snap!

What makes Costa SO fresh?

We don’t do anything the easy way - we do it the right way! That means making all our tortillas from hand daily, using local ingredients, and preparing all menu toppings daily so they’re fresh for you. Tortillas are handcrafted and cooked on a comal when your order, so you know there are no preservatives in your meal! They’re the foundation of most of our dishes, so you know we don’t ‘burrito around the bush’ when making them. The proteins that go into our menu items are handpicked and cooked in small batches every day, making every bite SO delicious and tender! The lettuce that forms our phenomenal salads is crunchy, bright, and selected to only our highest standards. Our signature melty goodness that comes from a smothered burrito isn’t achieved properly without fresh cheese. For dessert, our key lime pies are baked in each store location made with only the freshest lime juice. You can trust us to make every lunch hour with us delicious and healthy, so go get the delivery you’re dreaming of!

The Canadian taste in our fresh Mexican grill makes Costa Vida unique, are you ready to guac your world?