5 Things to Do With a Tortilla

Apr 13, 2018

Did you know not all tortillas are created equal? At Costa Vida, we’re pretty much in love with tortillas, and we know if you want the best Mexican food, you have to start with the best tortillas. Not piles of those shrink-wrapped massed produced ones, but tortillas hand-made and cooked the old fashioned way.

Every day we mix up our tortilla dough from scratch, roll them out, then grill them before your eyes on our seasoned cast iron comal. These large, round cast iron griddles have been used to cook flatbreads like tortillas since 700 BCE, and we didn’t see any reason to shirk tradition. All this extra effort pays off—the result is the freshest, most delicious base for enchiladas, tacos, and burritos. And guess what? They only have a 10-minute shelf life, so you know you're getting the freshest possible!

You can find more about why our tortillas are the best here. A

Of course, the humble tortilla brings a lot to the table (ba dum tss!); in addition to mouth-watering Mexican dishes, tortillas can take on exciting new roles in breakfast, lunch, and even dessert.

Curious? Here are 5 great things to do with a tortilla:

1. Make them sweet

2. Stack them

3. Roll Them

4. Bake them

5. Take them international

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Costa Vida’s made-from-scratch tortillas?